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Whidbey Island Pet Owners:
Achieve Optimal Health for Your Animal Companion

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One of the things that we appreciate most about our Whidbey Island neighbors and clients is their enjoyment of and dedication to the special animals in their lives. At the Animal Hospital by the Sea, we believe in taking the time to get to know our clients and their pets so that we may discuss ways their pets’ health needs may change and how we may best work together in providing them optimal care. Here are some pet care resources to help this process along. We hope that you will find something for everyone here, whether you’re caring for a new kitten or puppy, an active working adult, or an affectionate older companion.

Puppy and kitten care
Discover exactly which vaccinations your new pet requires and why your travel plans could have an impact.
Active adult pet care
Learn about the preventive pet health care measures you can take to ensure that this is the prime of your pet’s life.
Senior pet care
Explore the subtle behavior cues your senior pet may be providing to indicate something is amiss.
Basic wellness care
Learn about the Animal Hospital by the Sea’s philosophy on wellness and preventive pet care.
Pet educational videos
Watch video clips about a variety of interesting cat and dog care topics.
Pet health insurance
Pet health insurance can help cover both unexpected veterinary costs and routine wellness care. We offer two sites to assist you with unbiased information and quotes on the many plans available. It is important to note that in all cases, clients are first responsible for their expenses and are then reimbursed by their insurance carrier.

We are always happy to answer your questions and address your concerns in person. Developing a relationship between yourself, your pet, and your veterinarian will ensure that you always have a team on your side to help you through any challenges that may arise. Owning a pet can be a truly rewarding experience, and the companionship and devotion you receive in return is priceless. At the Animal Hospital by the Sea, we are here to see that you can give back to your pets through exceptional care for their well-being.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your pet’s health. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Pet Health
Puppy & Kitten Care
Active Adult Pet Care
Senior Pet Care
Pet Wellness Philosophy

Animal Hospital by the Sea rocks! Jean is a fabulous veterinarian, the environment is warm and relaxing and there is great communication between Jean and her staff. We are all so very happy to have found them!
Jodi Starcevich, Matt Costello, Groovy Roux and Salinger

Dr. Dieden’s surgical technique allowed our dog a quick and trouble free spay recovery without the stress and discomfort of an Elizabethan collar (head cone).  We are very grateful to Dr. Dieden and staff who assisted with Rena’s surgery.
Bob and Jayme Holmberg

Meshuggeneh was the most relaxed cat during her visit to Dr.Jean that I think she would have stayed longer. Thank you both Holly and Dr. Jean for your time and help. Best find in Langley... a great vet!
Jeanniemaria Barbour

Jean and staff Thank you so very much for the care given to our Lab, Lily We are so appreciative of your time, concern and love given to our pet. Lily is forever grateful and so are her humans, Nina and Chris We hope the next visit will be just the standard check up and not an emergency, again thank you for the excellent care. Animal Hospital By The Sea, you rock!
Chris Skatell

Dory a Golden on the island says thank you.
Louise Long

The staff and Jean are fabulous. We are so lucky to have them on the Island.
DeLaine Emmert

Thank you Dr Jean Dieden for taking such good care of my labrador, Kinsey. Kinsey had a raging hot spot. Thanks to Dr Dieden’s caring and effective treatment, Kinsey is much more comfortable and on the mend.
Lia Bijsterveld

It doesn’t get any better than this animal hospital for care for your pet.  Jean Dieden and her team of Holly and Stacy are top notch and they are genuinely caring.  I also like the fact that this is a animal hospital and part of that terminology means they do their own blood work.
Rob Felding

Dr. Jean held my hand throughout it all and, had it not been for her professional intuition about a prescription Lena was given during emergency treatment, my little girl would not be the happy, healthy kitty she is today. As for how my other cat Dexter feels about Dr. Jean, you can see for yourself around this website.
Susan Hanson