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Pets Are What They Eat:
Pet Nutritional Counseling From the Animal Hospital by the Sea

pet nutritional counseling

At the Animal Hospital by the Sea, our trained staff is available to help you choose the right diet to keep your pets looking and feeling their best. A well-balanced nutritional diet can address your pet’s particular energy needs and prevent or manage potential health problems such as dental issues, allergies, bone and joint problems, poor reproductive vitality, suboptimal performance, and poor quality coats.

We recognize that one food does not fit all when it comes to choosing a diet for your pets, and there may not truly be one food that is simply “good for all life stages,” as is so often claimed. Today, we can find literally hundreds of diet formulations and ingredients readily available to even the most casual pet owner. Everyday, pet owners are inundated with marketing schemes, each company attempting to take advantage of the slightest variation in ingredient or consumer preference. At the Animal Hospital by the Sea, we are happy to help you determine your pet’s actual needs, sort out the reality from the marketing claims, and choose which products will optimize your pet’s health and welfare. Some of the factors considered are:

Growing puppies and kittens have different nutritional and metabolic needs than active adults, and at the other end of the scale, the aging process causes our senior pets to develop their own dietary requirements. We can help you determine at what point it is best to transition your pet from one diet to the next, or, in the case of multiple pets sharing a food supply, what diets would be most ideally suited for all the pets in your household.
Size and breed
Large and small breed dogs have different nutritional requirements, and individual cats may have different requirements as well. Certain breeds have health considerations, such as a tendency for digestive issues or skin problems. The diet you choose should help manage these conditions without having to resort to additional supplements and medications.
Health status
Your pet’s current and past health issues will impact the types of diets that work best for them. Hypo- and hyperthyroidism; diabetes; skin, kidney and liver problems; bladder stones; digestive issues causing chronic vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation; and pregnancy and lactation are just a few of the diseases and health conditions that will be affected by your diet choice.
Body condition
Pet weight management is so important to the health of our pets for many of the same reasons it is for us—and then some. Dogs and cats with orthopedic conditions such as dysplasia or arthritis will be less active and limp more frequently when they are stressed with extra weight. Obesity is the number one risk factor for the development of Type 2 diabetes in cats, a debilitating illness. The fact is that there are dozens of obesity-related disorders recognized in dogs and cats, and as pet owners, we have to accept the responsibility for allowing their weight gain. We understand that much of the problem comes from a lack of awareness about what we may be feeding. One “Busy Bone Chew Treat” is equivalent to three McDonalds’ chocolate shakes for an adult human. A 10-pound dog eating one “Good Life Recipe Wholesome Mini Bone” packs enough calories to correspond to three Hershey Bars for an adult human. There are no official guidelines to dictate what pet foods may be labeled “weight management” and some brands marketed as “light” or “reduced calorie” may actually only be about 10% lower in calories than regular food. If your pet has a serious or even a developing weight issue, let us help determine first if there is any underlying health concern to cause it and then prescribe a scientific plan to manage a return to a healthy size.
Just like people, pets vary in their activity levels. Some are happy to curl up in a bed all day, while others are champion agility and working dogs, proud breeding stock, or service animals. Each type of pet will have his or her own unique nutritional requirements. An overweight house pet will have different needs than an active outside pet. Likewise, outdoor cats that “dine out” by hunting may find the amount and type of food required to keep them healthy different than what is required for a cat kept inside. The staff at the Animal Hospital by the Sea can help you determine your pet’s body condition score and ideal caloric intake.
Nutritional researchers and pet food companies have long realized that cats have much higher dietary nutritional requirements than dogs, and their diets have been modified accordingly. The result is that cat foods are invariably much richer than dog food. Considering a cat’s inability to process carbohydrates efficiently and our tendency to keep them as relatively inactive house pets, we’ve created a national epidemic of feline obesity. Did you know that overweight cats are even more predisposed to developing diabetes than their canine or human counterparts, and that the diet type may be a huge contributing factor? Ask us how something as simple as switching to a primarily canned food diet may help your cat lose weight and lessen his or her risk for this devastating disease.
Personal choice
The Animal Hospital by the Sea recognizes that our clients may have varying beliefs and convictions when it comes to choosing their pets’ diets. Whether you have strong opinions regarding certain commercial diet brands or you prefer your pet eat a homemade raw diet, our goal is to ensure that your pet receives a complete and balanced diet. We are open to discussing the wide variety of pet food programs available and will work together to see that your pet receives the nutrition he or she needs.

For your convenience, the Animal Hospital by the Sea carries a full line of prescription Royal Canin Veterinary Diets. Other prescription brands are available for home delivery through our online pharmacy and supply portal at VetSource. Feel free to contact for assistance in choosing a prescription diet to help your pet with everything from bladder problems to liver disease to food allergies.

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Animal Hospital by the Sea rocks! Jean is a fabulous veterinarian, the environment is warm and relaxing and there is great communication between Jean and her staff. We are all so very happy to have found them!
Jodi Starcevich, Matt Costello, Groovy Roux and Salinger

Dr. Dieden’s surgical technique allowed our dog a quick and trouble free spay recovery without the stress and discomfort of an Elizabethan collar (head cone).  We are very grateful to Dr. Dieden and staff who assisted with Rena’s surgery.
Bob and Jayme Holmberg

Meshuggeneh was the most relaxed cat during her visit to Dr.Jean that I think she would have stayed longer. Thank you both Holly and Dr. Jean for your time and help. Best find in Langley... a great vet!
Jeanniemaria Barbour

Jean and staff Thank you so very much for the care given to our Lab, Lily We are so appreciative of your time, concern and love given to our pet. Lily is forever grateful and so are her humans, Nina and Chris We hope the next visit will be just the standard check up and not an emergency, again thank you for the excellent care. Animal Hospital By The Sea, you rock!
Chris Skatell

Dory a Golden on the island says thank you.
Louise Long

The staff and Jean are fabulous. We are so lucky to have them on the Island.
DeLaine Emmert

Thank you Dr Jean Dieden for taking such good care of my labrador, Kinsey. Kinsey had a raging hot spot. Thanks to Dr Dieden’s caring and effective treatment, Kinsey is much more comfortable and on the mend.
Lia Bijsterveld

It doesn’t get any better than this animal hospital for care for your pet.  Jean Dieden and her team of Holly and Stacy are top notch and they are genuinely caring.  I also like the fact that this is a animal hospital and part of that terminology means they do their own blood work.
Rob Felding

Dr. Jean held my hand throughout it all and, had it not been for her professional intuition about a prescription Lena was given during emergency treatment, my little girl would not be the happy, healthy kitty she is today. As for how my other cat Dexter feels about Dr. Jean, you can see for yourself around this website.
Susan Hanson