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The Animal Hospital by the Sea puts our emphasis on the whole health of your pet. For decades, veterinary medicine, as with human medicine, had been centered on the treatment of disease only after it appeared. Today, we are able to benefit from so many veterinary advances that have discovered new or better ways to not only treat health issues, but prevent them as well. Gone are the days when an owner could feel that they had done right by their pets in bragging that their animal “had never visited the vet.” Good stewardship of your pet’s well-being involves so much more than waiting to treat problems only after the fact, and we encourage our clients to be proactive with their preventive pet care.

Sometimes even a simple adjustment as your pet’s diet or exercise regime can provide significant long-term health advantages. At the Animal Hospital by the Sea, we are mindful of the tremendous amount of information and, sadly, misinformation is available on the Internet. As savvy pet owners, you need an educated and experienced team working on your side to determine what will actually benefit your pet’s best interest. We accomplish our goal by the following:


We want to learn as much as we can about you and your pet. We appreciate that each individual has specific needs and circumstances that can significantly impact the type of care he or she needs or can be provided.


All of us at the Animal Hospital by the Sea know that in this day of rapid technological advances, when we stop learning, we can very quickly become obsolete. We constantly strive to better ourselves through continuing education opportunities with experts in the field. We also emphasize learning and listening to our clients, as they know their pets best.


We do not believe in cookie-cutter medicine. We want to do the best for your pet, period. This means that every pet will receive customized care recommendations. We are proud to offer you a wide range of services and treatment options combining up-to-date modern advanced medicine blended with a practical “island sensibility.”


Our top priority is always the health and well-being of your pet. At the Animal Hospital by the Sea, we are sure that this goal takes precedence in all that we do.

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